Sinocare Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm AES-U181 with Voice Function for Home Use

Sinocare Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm AES-U181 with Voice Function for Home Use

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Voice Function:
Sinocare Blood Pressure Monitor is equipped with a voice function, so it is also very suitable for the elderly and people with hearing difficulties. And the voice can be opened/closed according to the requirements of the manual, and the date/time can also be set(see P5 in the manual for details). At the same time, powered by 4 AAA batteries (included), it has a larger adjustable cuff (8.66 inches-16.54 inches).

Large LED Backlit Display:
The large LED display with clear and oversized numbers makes it easy to read your real-time blood pressure and pulse rate. High precision chip of large LED touch screen provides clinically accurate readings, giving the exact systolic, diastolicpressure and pulse rate data by one touchable button and easy to read the backlist screen with multi-colored LED indicator lights.

90 Memory for 2 Users:
This BP unit can monitor 2 users together, store 90 readings with date & time stamps for each displays the average of last 3 readings, includes irregular heartbeat detection. It is dedicated to helping users to easily track their health, blood pressure and heart rate according to the specific time and date.

Blood Pressure&Heartbeat Indicator:
This is a coded indicator for blood pressure. The irregular heartbeat symbol will show up when an irregular heartbeat is detected. When a specific error occurs in the product, the cause of the error can be extinguished by comparing the error symbol with the manual.

Safe and Reliable:
Each individually tested algorithm and chip of Sinocare BP Monitor have been specially tested, which can provide you with the most reliable readings and help you easily track your health at home. Provide safe and reliable BP machines for our family.

How to use the blood pressure monitor correctly:

STEP 1: Get ready for measuring

At different times of the day, the measured blood pressure values will also vary.For a more accurate result, take measurements regularly at the same time every day, it is recommended to measure after getting up in the morning. Please keep calm and relaxation at least 10 minutes. 

STEP 2: Ware the arm cuff in right way

Make the nozzle of cuff point to the forearm, please keep the nozzle upwards. Place the bracelet on the table with the Velcro down. Pass the end of the bracelet through the metal ring. Place the cuff on the upper left arm. The cuff should be as tight as you can place two fingers between the cuff and the arm.

STEP 3: Posture of measurement

Use a sitting position to keep the body straight in a relaxed state. Place your forearm on the table, keep palm up, keep central area of the arm cuff the same height as your heart. The legs can't be crossed. Take care not to bend the tube. Press the power button to measure. Please don't move and talk during the measurement.

STEP 4: Get more accurate readings

After the measurement, the systolic, diastolic and pulse rates will appear on screen. Please measure at least three times and obtain an average reading. Through repeated measurements, blood accumulates in the vessels, which can result in error. Please wait 1 min for the second measurement.